Emily Burton Silk is a major character appearing in the new Starz Original Series Counterpart. Little is revealed about the character's role during the first episode. We do learn that in both dimensions she is/was Howard’s wife.

The two versions have much in common, but their lives seemed to have diverged significantly upon meeting Howard. In the primary dimension, the couple had a church wedding 28 years ago in October shortly after they met. In Dimension Two, the courtship was longer and the couple eloped.

While the couple remains married in Dimension One, her status in the other dimension is unclear beyond the fact that she is alive. Both versions apparently work for the Office of Interchange.

Emily Burton Silk Dimension OneEdit

The primary Emily is married to Howard. According to Peter Quayle, her co-workers at the Office of Interchange speak very highly of her, although Quayle admits he's never met her himself.

Emily is currently in a coma following an apparent car accident. Her mother and brother Eric (Jamie Bamber) wish to have her removed back to England for longterm care. Howard is vehemently opposed to this plan. He visits her in the hospital each night and reads to her from her favorite books, poetry mainly.

Emily Burton Silk Dimension TwoEdit

The second Emily Burton Silk introduced on the show is in good health. Little is revealed about her except that she is aware of her Howard's cross-dimensional visits. This suggests she is fully read-in on The Crossing and the real work and espionage going on at the Office of Interchange.

Season 1Edit

Emily, comatose after a car accident, becomes the target of a cross-dimensional assassin.